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My name is Alan – Besides photography,  I love yoga! I truly do. I love it for who it has helped me to become and for how I see others transformed. For a long time, I dabbled in yoga. I fit it in where I could, given a super busy schedule as a Professional Photographer, Web Programmer and a Yoga Instructor.

I first unrolled my mat in 2007 and, in that moment, changed the course of my life for the better. The practice and philosophy of yoga resonated immediately and, with regular practice and study, has been woven into the fiber of my day to day life. Now, because of my daily practice, I am a stronger, better, truer person in both subtle and obvious ways. These impacts compel me to share the practice and this blog is another means by which to do just that.

As an avid yoga practitioner and teacher at work, I strive to create an open and safe environment in which new and experienced students can comfortably practice.

Well, I’ve been practicing Hot/Bikram Yoga for about 7 years now. In my journey in my practice I’ve learned a lot about my personal being, my health, my family and friends. My ultimate goal is to serve and share what I’ve learned through teaching.  I have been into yoga coaching for almost 5 years, and am thorough with Hatha Yoga and Hot Yoga using the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage. I have gained expertise in yoga postures and excel at training in the same. I have been a part of Tony Sanchez Training using the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage and have helped many stay fit and healthy with this art. I am teaching Core 25 and Core 40 which is derived from the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage and Tony Sanchez.

Thank you to all for your love, patience, and support. I look forward to being of service to each one of you in the future!

Peace & Love

Corners Of Your Mouth, Touching Your Ears - S M I L E !


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