Yoga Adventure in the Philippines - 2nd to 8th  January 2019

A truly spectacular luxury resort experience in the Philippines

Indulge yourself and surrender to luxury resort of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, where the warmest of Philippine hospitality is combined with first class amenities and service. Beautifully situated within an old seven acre coconut plantation on the island of Negros Oriental near Dumaguete, the luxurious Atmosphere enjoys a spectacular beach front location alongside the warm coastal waters of the Philippine Sea. Whether you want to scuba dive, indulge in the enchanted spa, practice yoga, engage in activities or simply read a book by the pools, you can look forward to an unforgettable stay.

Yoga at Atmosphere

Embraced by many, yoga can be practised on a simple level for fitness and mental relaxation or on a deeper level to penetrate all aspects of life. At Atmosphere, both open and private yoga classes are held daily, from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced level. Yoga is held on our tree top yoga platform by the beach and we also offer kids’ yoga and meditation classes. Read more in the yoga section of the website under Wellness.

Island Hopping

In an archipelago comprised of 7,107 tropical islands, a couple of them are just on our doorstep. We can take you island hopping on a boat trip with one of Atmosphere’s boats, or we suggest booking a small private airplane that will take you from Dumaguete Airport and fly to your island of choice for a great aerial view.

Manjuyod Sandbar

Bais, a city north of Dumaguete and approximately 2 hours north of Atmosphere is situated on a part of Negros island where the coastline curves back on itself creating a bay and the Tañon Strait opens up before it. In the middle of the bay sits the gorgeous and pristine Manjuyod Sandbar. The sandbar is only a 15/20 minute boat trip from Bais pier, there are cottages you can rent for the day or just chill on the boat and sand with a picnic lunch provided by Atmosphere and take advantage of the beautiful panoramic views of mountainous Negros and neighbouring Cebu Island.

Dolphin Watching

The Tañon Strait and this area in particular is also the natural habitat of several dolphin species that you can watch from the boat early in the morning. You may encounter the Pan Tropical Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Long Snouted Spinner Dolphins. You can pair these two trips to make one epic day trip that you would surely remember forever.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Near Oslob village on Cebu Island, 1,5 hours away from Atmosphere by van and boat, a group of whale sharks congregate year-round in a shallow bay. We will bring you there from Atmosphere in an air-conditioned van and from the beach, you can step into a small boat and watch the whale sharks from the surface. Those who wish, can get in the water and swim/snorkel with these gentle giants. Scuba diving may be harmful to them and therefore we choose to be one of the resorts who do not offer scuba diving with whale sharks from Atmosphere. There will be a picnic lunch on site and the option of stopping for other activities such as the Tumalog waterfalls or a city tour in Dumaguete on the way back to the resort.

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