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Kids Yoga

Helping Hands

I can't think of a greater way to serve our community at South Central LA specially the kids at George Washington Carver Middle to share a m...indfullness yoga and talk to those that live on them, and hand them gifts of love and messages of hope.

These kids and specially Jose whom I wanted to adopt has enlightened my heart and soul. It is impactful and devastating to hear each in everyone's stories, my hearts have been imprinted with their kindness and gratitude. Thank you Shay Clark for inviting me, to Leena Bedi, to Tyu Claremont, to my friends and co-workers to give a helping hands, a hands on way to offer love to others. It is giving in it's purest form.

Greatest Birthday gift! Thank you!

Kids Acro Yoga Fun

Kids Hatha Yoga

MC Yogi at Bhakti Festival


Amazing performance of MC Yogi at Bhakti Festival.

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