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60 Day Yoga Challenge


It does feel like an accomplishment.  My mind and my body are reminding me as I write this that it is always possible.  This is my second 60 Day Yoga Challenge in the past and it never gets old.  I’ve done several 30 Day Challenge and no matter what, it’s always feels like a new beginning.  This yoga challenge change my life inside out and with doubt.

There are thousands of benefits but I will name of that I feel on this particular challenge.  Each challenge you do will be different, you just need to create your intention connecting your mind and body into it.

Yoga is Universal. Yoga is a universal language. No matter where you are in the world, when you are in a studio or yoga shala (the word to describe rooms or spaces used to practice), you feel like you are home.

The rooms smell the same. The yogis and yoginis look the same, give or take a shade of skin or the shape of one’s eyes. And regardless of the country’s native tongue, the ancient vibrations of Sanskrit fill shalas worldwide.


Time.  The word “Time” is always an issue for majority of the people.  How many times to we hear “I don’t have time” or “I’m Busy”.  My answer to that is “Who’s not” !  We have our own personal life to take care of but ONLY 1 or 1 ½ hour of your time for YOU.  Give that to yourself, YOU deserve it!


Muscles.  When I first started yoga I use to have beefy muscle/fat (some yogis have seen my before and after).  Now, that I’ve been doing yoga for 8 years my muscle feels more stronger and tone.  It feels good inside before even discovering the outside.  Don’t be fooled on what you see in the outside, you need to feel good in the inside out.


Balance.  You really need to focus on your balance and it is always challenging but if you have determination and focus you will balance.  Like I always tell on my kids yoga that just concentration and just look at a donut infront of you.  Always works!!! Lol

Happy perspective.  I started my own personal 30 Day challenge in Febraury and it feels so good that I decided to continue on with the 60 Day Challenge.  I always ask myself on how will I fit this in my schedule with basically 3 jobs, family and personal life(what is that?).  You just have the positive outlook in life and everything is possible if you put your mind into it.  I am a Bull and I put my mind into something I will go for it.  It is wonderful that the mental energy I was expending on thoughts of mortality now seems to provide me with greater optimism and creativity in life.

Mental clarity.  I feel sharper and quicker.  When I begin a task, my focus is better.  I feel more astute and confident on everything I do. 


Camaraderie.   I appreciated this aspect of yoga from the beginning.  Now, having shared the past 60 days with several dozen fellow yogis and yoginis on all different types of yoga and studio.  And of course,  all the  wonderful teaching staff on all different studios, I realize even more how nurturing and supportive it is to be part of a community.  We practice alone, but we share our ups, downs, insights, accomplishments… and sometimes, a good glass of wine!


You Can’t Predict Good Days or Bad Days.  Some mornings you will wake up and feel fantastic. You will enter the yoga studio expecting to execute each pose perfectly without effort.  After an hour or an hour and half later, you will be drenched in sweat and feel like you were hit by a semi but still alive and feel so good.

Mind Will Wander.  We as teachers always remind our yogis and yoginis to focus your eyes on the front mirror, relax your shoulders, suck in you stomach, weight is in your heels or align your hips.  You will work hard to follow this instructions.  Suddently, after several poses of deep concentration you may realize your mind has wandered to something unrelated to yoga.  Just re focus and take a deep breath, recognize yourself in the front mirror and connect your mind and body back to your poses.


Feel like a new person.  After 60 classes in 60 days, you will feel like a new person. Heck, I have so much energy and just loving every moment of it.   Since I completed my 60 day challenge, I definitely feel like a new person.  I am more flexible than when I started.  I am less stressed and my outlook has improved.  I have better posture, I sleep better, and I am stronger. I feel accomplished, and I am proud.  That corners of my mouth is touching my ears all the way back.  LOVE IT!!!


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